Pink, green, yellow and blue shopping


It can also be called

Water 8.0

Or:  Bag silhouette

Or: The yellow dress

Or: Water 9.6

Or “Coming here with my bags, along the street”

Or: “I have two bags, one is green and one is pink, which one do you like the most?”

Or: “I also have a yellow dress.”

Or: “It´s so much water here – what is going on???!!!”

Or: “I wish it would be Sunday, they are so good. Sundays are good days.”

Or: “Some people like brown bags. Me, my self, like pink bags, but also green ones. I have them both.”

Or: “My dress seem to not have even yellow colors all over. I wonder why it is like that? Did he really know what he was doing when he created it like that?”

Or: “There are so many titles possible on this painting, it is unbelivable.”

Or: “Water is really a key thing in life. We depend on it. For example, my body, and yours also (!) need water and consist of water (many percentage!!!), and without good and clean water, we can´t live on this planet. Even the fishes (!) need it, and the cows, and the dogs, and ALLLL living things i assume, except from parasites, but they anyway take water from someone else. That is the name of the painting. Long name – but good! Or what do you think?”

Or: “Soon I do not want to invent more names, even if it is kind of amusing. This might be the last for now.”

Or: “Have good day. A REALLY good day.”

Or: “Many people like apples. I also like apples. Good apples. Do you like apples?”

Good day, have a good day.