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Yellow house scetch



This is a house scetch that I did earlier and I found it today. I like it very much, not specifically the kind of house. But the simplicity of everything and the simplicity and clarity of idea and presentation.

I saw a super cool interview with Steve Jobs yesterday. He was a genious. He looked for him self and found out what worked and not.

I think he was more of a poet or artist, than an engineer, or he was both, or all.

He questioned why why why are things done in THIS way? “because it’s the way things are done” or “we have always done it like that!” or they did not even know.

And he found better, faster or smarter ways to do it. That’s cool.

And he had visions. He was not just a machine. Really fascinating person.

See the interview for your self, from 1994 or something.