Queeky paintings

Here I intended to put in some of the paintings I have done in Queeky, an online, free software, where you can create pictures. It is a drawing program, much less functions that for example Photoshop, but very fun and it has some quite funny tools where you can create “webs” etc. But actually, it is very similar to paint with oil color, BUT with the big advantage, that if you use too much color, and “mess them up”, they do not get really messy. The colors get a bit mixed, but the things you have painted does not get destroyed.

Also, you can see the whole prccess of the painting, from the beginning to the end, since it saves the whole sequence. You just press “play” and it shows all actions, from start to the end, on your own, or someone elses picture. You also have your own gallery there, as well as you can visit tons of other galleries.

Feel free to create your own account on http://www.queeky.com

If you want to see all painting I have personally made earlier, you search for username pgw on the queeky site.

Have fun! πŸ™‚


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